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Serving Oregon Home Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents with Professional Certified Inspections Since 1989




Inspections Unlimited started as one of only a handful of inspection companies in Marion and Polk counties. Now well known in several counties in Oregon, they are known for their knowledge and professionalism in the real estate industry which makes them the leader in Residential home inspections. Pest and Wood Destroying Organisms Inspections or P&D's, as they are called by Realtors and Lenders, were the main focus in years past, although, in the past few years, they have branched out into many different inspection avenues such as Multi-Family, Commercial, and Environmental inspections.

Our home inspectors have gone through many hours of training and continuing education to provide the current homeowner or the future homebuyer with a detailed inspection report that will provide them with much needed information about the overall status of the home. The thoroughness of the inspection, the detailed report and the vast knowledge base are a few of the many benefits of using one of our Inspections Unlimited franchise
Inspectors based all over Oregon. Since they have built their business on a referral basis, each inspector is more than willing to 'go the extra mile' to provide the client with exceptional customer service. Discover for yourself, contact us to schedule your next inspection.



PROFESSIONALISM is not a gift. It is a wage earned by dedication and performance, effort and education.