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A lush and green lawn, trailing vines, perfectly pruned hedges, the leaves of a towering tree to shade your porch in the summer. Tasteful landscaping can help transform a property into a welcoming front yard, creating an aesthetically pleasing home with curb appeal to boot. Though when planning your picture perfect landscaping, it is important to keep functionality in mind. There are multiple problems that can be caused by a poorly designed yard. But during a routine home inspection, your Inspections Unlimited inspector will tell you some the common issues, such as a raised foundation and roof or exterior damage, can be created by trees and shrubs growing too closely to a home. 

Some homeowners might be surprised to learn that unruly vegetation can damage a house and its structure. The problem can continue to, literally, grow progressively worse over the years if a yard and flowerbeds are not properly maintained.

Shrubs, veins, and limbs can scratch against the side of the home and damage siding. Veins can also grow between and underneath siding, which allows easy access moisture and pests. Vegetation can cause moisture problems in other ways as well. Shrubs and low bushes can hold moisture against the side of the building, creating a welcoming environment for pests and insects. In addition, tightly grown vegetation can prevent proper water drainage during wetter months, putting your home’s foundation at risk.

Trees that have grown too closely to a home can also threaten the wellbeing of your home. Yes, that elderly Oak tree at the corner of your house might be a beautiful sight from the curb, but homeowners should be aware what the towering giant could do to the roof and foundation of a building. The roots of a tree can cause intense pressure on a home’s foundation, and in some extreme situations, have been known to crack or raise a home’s foundation if it was poorly built.

In addition, homes are also at risk of limbs that have come within close proximity. Strong wind and rainstorms are known to snap limbs, or an entire tree, and a building too close becomes a potential target of the impact. Trees too close to a home also mean extra leaves and debris, which can easily clog gutters and build up in the valleys and many other angles of a roof.

Be sure to keep shrubs and bushes trimmed back and ensure that flowerbeds are kept tidy. Trees should also be pruned as needed, especially if you are concerned about limbs that appear too close to your home. Homeowners might consider the help of local landscaping professionals in their area if needed.

Overgrown shrubs, veins, and trees can damage the exterior of the house, and during a home inspection, can also prevent your Inspections Unlimited professional from being able to identify problems that might be hidden by the vegetation. Yard maintenance and landscaping does wonders for the physical appearance of a property, but it becomes an important step in also maintaining the condition of your home.