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National Window Safety Week is designed to heighten awareness  of what we can do to keep our children safe from the risk of accidental falls or injuries in the home, especially as we approach the warmer season.  Stop at 4” The campaign to STOP window falls is excited to join the effort this year!  Their goal is to encourage families, educators, and community members to take action in observing year-round window safety.  

Window Falls are predictable, therefore preventable.  Here is information on what families can do to prevent child window falls and what kind of window stop, lock guard is needed for their particular windows.

    Safety tips to protect your child from window falls

  • Keep play away from windows.
  • Only allow windows to open 4 inches, and  install windows stops and/or window guards that can be removed by an adult in an emergency.  They are priced between $10 and $30
  • Lock windows when not in use.
  • Open windows from the top and use a window stop for the bottom.
  • Prevent climbing.  Keep furniture and anything a child can climb on away from windows.
  • Actively watch children near windows.

The Window Safety Task Force which was formed 1997 emphasizes the life-saving role doors and windows play as the primary exits and secondary means of escape in the event of a fire.  Doors serve as exits, while windows provide an alternate means of escape.  The group also reminds North Americans that screens are designed to keep insect pests out, rather than holding a child's weight; therefore, children should not be left unattended around open windows.  In homes with young children, for greater safety, windows within reach of children should remain closed and locked, or when double-hung windows are available, the bottom sash should remain closed, while the top sash is opened to provide ventilation.  In addition, the coalition reminds consumers to avoid placing furniture under windows, to prevent potential climbing and falling hazards for young children, or hinder a quick escape in the event of a fire.  Responsible adult supervision at all times is an essential element in helping keep children safe around open windows and doors.