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Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family's health. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in America and claims about 20,000 lives annually per the EPA.

The U.S. Surgeon General and EPA recommend that all homes be tested. You can test your home yourself or hire a professional. Fix your home if you have a radon level of 4 pCi/L or more.

Inspections Unlimited can assist you with your radon testing.  In addition, we can perform post mitigation testing to help you and your mitigation contractor verify the effectiveness of your newly installed mitgation system.

Testing Options

Continuous Monitor Testing is performed by a technician from an Inspections Unlimited office. A Honeywell Radon Monitor is placed in the residence for a period of 2-5 days. Readings of radon levels are gathered hourly by the testing device and reported to you at the end of the test. This is a good short term testing option for a real estate transaction.

Activated Charcoal Testing which can be done by a homeowner or if you prefer by a technician. This is also a short term testing option. Results (one single average reading) takes about 2 weeks.

Long term testing devices can be placed if immediate results are not required.  These devices are typically left in place for several months and provide and averaged result.

Contact your local Inspections Unlimited office to discuss your options.