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Mild Winter - Mountains of Moss - What Now?

Due to the mild winter conditions this year, the moss is abundant.  Look around and you will see moss everywhere - the roof, driveway, sidewalk, trees, lawn, siding and .  .  .

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or just sprucing up after the winter, the moss has got to go.  Moss growth on roofing material can damage the roofing and lead to leaking.  Moss takes hold of the surface and dislodges the granule surface.   Moss on brickwork and sidewalks deteriorates the surface and can be slippery. 

Your preferred method of moss removal may be power washing, but before you take out the power washer consider the impact the pressure and moisture have on your siding, concrete, and roofing.  Reducing moisture and making the areas less desirable for moss growth may be a better option.   Trim overhanging trees and overgrown vegetation.  Allowing the sunlight in will help to dry the area.  Remove debris from the roofing and gutters.  For lawns, improve drainage and aerate the soil.  Mow the lawn at 2.5-3 inches high.  Add lime to the soil to lower acidity.

Many moss killers are available on the market.  The most effective for lawns is those that use Iron compounds as the active ingredient.   Zinc Sulfate and Copper Sulfate are also popular moss inhibiting chemical compounds generally used on roofing.  Pennies, copper wire, and zinc strips are also popular.  Use care if you install zinc strips, they often curl and channel water on roofs.  For siding, concrete and other surfaces this Moss Removal Recipe works well.

Moss Removal Recipe
3 oz Tri sodium Phosphate
1 oz detergent (i.e. Tide)
1 qt liquid bleach
3 qt water
Apply mixture
to surface  and scrub
 with soft brush.
Take care not to get
 this on you or your plants.

As with any mixture of chemicals, use caution, proper protection, and keep away from children and pets.  There are many off the shelf product available for moss treatment as well.   Read their labels for application.