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The decision to hire a professional home inspector is an important step in protecting the well-being and condition what might be the largest investment you'll ever make: a house. For current homeowners or those in the midst of selling a home, the inspection process could be an entirely new experience, but a little preparation can help to shake stress and ensure for a smooth and easy inspection. After scheduling an inspection with your local Inspections Unlimited professional, there are some things you can do to help prepare your home for the visit:

The Interior

During an inspection, your Inspections Unlimited professional will take a close look at your home's plumbing, electrical and other major system. Because of this, it is necessary to keep utilities - this includes heat, water, electricity, etc. - connected and turned on. Sellers who are in the process of moving to a new home might have opted to turn off the utilities in their old home to save money and energy. If this is the case, you will need to get into contact with the appropriate companies to ensure everything is in working order by the time of your inspection. Your home's pilot light should also remained turned on during the inspection

In addition, provide access to the areas your inspector will need to see. This can include the attic, basement, crawlspace, and other areas applicable to an individual home. Ensure that personal items, furniture, boxes and other objects don't obscure entry and access points. Keep space around these points clear so the inspector has enough working room to do his job. For example, there should be enough clear space to set up a ladder to access the attic. Also take a look at the ease of access to other important components of your home: the electrical panel, the heating unit, etc.

Remember to clear out the shower, tub, and sinks - this means removing any personal items, dishes, etc. - since your Inspections Unlimited inspector will take a look at water flow and plumbing. You might also consider removing items stored in attics and basements as much as possible. These are important areas to cover during the inspection, and too much clutter could obscure access and unseen problems. For sellers, a home inspection might occur in the midst of the moving process,  when packing and extra boxes are unavoidable. Do your best to move boxes out from walls and corners to allow easy access.  

The Exterior

The exterior of your home is just as important to the inspection as the inside. Before the date of your inspection, take a look at the outside flowerbeds and space around your home's foundation. Consider clearing any debris, vegetation, and other items that might be cluttering the area. An inspector might not be able to identify damages and problems if they cannot be seen through thick flowerbeds, stacked firewood, or other obstacles. Also ensure an exterior entrance to the home's crawlspace isn't block. Homeowners might find it a handy area to use for storage, but any blockages will need to be removed. 

You should also ensure that the inspector will have easy access to the home. If you are a homeowner who will be present for the visit, there isn't a problem. But sellers, who aren't often at the home during an inspection, will need to consider leaving a door unlocked or a key available for the home inspector and potential buyers if they will be attending. Also make sure that doors or coverings to crawl spaces and attics are not locked, nailed, or otherwise secured shut. Challenges such as these can greatly hinder the inspection process, or might disable the inspection all together. 

You might also consider...

If you share your home with pets or animals, it is important to consider them in your pre-inspection preparations. For their safety and the safety of the inspector, it is best to remove pets from the property during the inspection. Animals can easily be frightened by the presents of strangers. At the least, make sure your four-legged friends are secured in a kennel or crate during the extend of the inspectors visit.  

Take the time to prepare yourself as well! If you are a current homeowner, the inspection process can be an education experience to take advantage of. Your Inspections Unlimited professional will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the house or property. Brainstorm questions or concerns ahead of time and write them down. You might also considering bringing along a notebook and pencil to jot down any notes. The complete results of your home inspection will be compiled in your Inspections Unlimited home condition report, but the inspection process is chalk full of interesting tidbits of advice and knowledge about home maintenance, the major systems of a house, and other useful facts you might want to remember down the road. 

The process of inspecting a home should be a stress-free experience for everyone involved. Homeowners can take advantage of the educational and informative help of a professional there evaluate and inspect the condition of place they call home. Sellers can also benefit from the experience as they complete an important step in the process of selling their home. Taking the time to prepare your home for an inspector's visit is just one more way to ensure you get the most out of your Inspections Unlimited experience.