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In the process of buying or selling a house, or ensuring the condition of your present home, it is not uncommon for buyers, sellers, and current homeowners to find themselves with unanswered questions and concerns. An Inspections Unlimited home inspection is the perfect resource to find your answers. During the inspection process, your local Inspections Unlimited professional comes prepared with years worth of experience and knowledge. It it an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the future or present place you call home. It is important to make the most out of a home inspection, and you can do so by asking the right type of questions. But what are some of the best things you can ask your Inspections Unlimited inspector during his visit? 

Can you show me how to work this?

Your home inspection with Inspections Unlimited can be a great way to learn more about your home. According to Eugene-area inspector Ron Rhine, the educational value that comes with an inspection is something to take advantage of. "I'll give a quick demonstration of how something works, such as how to shut off utilities during emergencies," says Rhine about the many different home-related topics that clients are interested in. Educating yourself on the functions of your home's major systems, such as the HVAC or different components of the electrical panel, can help prepare you to react when attention is needed. During your inspection, don't be afraid to ask for a quick demonstration or explanation if you don't understand how something works.  

Can you point that out to me?

While the detailed results of your home inspection are complied into your complete home condition report, your Inspections Unlimited professional can easily help to identify any major findings uncovered during the inspection. This might be dangerous conditions caused by an unmaintained deck or evidence of wood-destroying pests. Understanding these findings can help you prepare and plan for repairs in the future. It also can help you to identify the problem if it arises again in the future. 

How can I prepare my home for...?

If you are curious about preparing your home for the upcoming rainy season, freezing temperatures, or the heat of summer, your Inspections Unlimited Inspector maybe be able to help you identify certain areas of your home that need attention. This might be a vent that needs to be covered for winter or cracks around windows and doors that might allow energy to escape when heating or cooling your home. During your inspection, ask your inspector if he notices any easy improvements that can be made when preparing your home for the upcoming season.

What sort of special maintenance is needed for...?

What are a few easy ways to care for my back deck? Or what sort of maintenance does my roof need to be kept in proper condition? A complete Inspections Unlimited home condition inspection includes a detailed look at the many areas of your home. And while an inspector cannot make repairs, you can ask your home inspector what sort of special maintenance is needed to keep areas of your home in good condition. Typically, homeowners can take simple and easy steps in their home maintenance routine to save time and money. Your inspector can help identify areas that need attention and set you on the right path in caring for your home. 

How can I improve the livability of my home?

According to Inspections Unlimited business owner Dan Lubbers, another common topic buyers and current homeowners are interested in is how to improve the general livability of their home. This might include how to best ventilate during the summer months or improve the energy-efficiency of the house, while saving a little money. Special topics such as these might vary from client to client, but your Inspections Unlimited professional is likely to have the creative suggestion you need to help create a comfortable living environment.

A home inspection is the perfect tool to educate and learn about the house you are purchasing or perhaps already call home. We encourage our clients to be present for the inspection and invite any questions that might arise during the process. Serving Oregon homeowners for more than twenty years, Inspections Unlimited continues to be a knowledgeable and trusted resource when it comes to "helping you make informed decisions (TM)" about your home.