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For an experienced or long-time homeowner, the idea of a home inspection can seem tedious. “I’ve owned my own home before, I know what to expect. Why should I bother to have my new home inspected?” It is a common question that an experienced homeowner might ponder when purchasing a new home. It might seem like a waste of time and money. But a home inspection can be one of the most valuable investments when deciding to purchase a new home.

According to Inspections Unlimited inspector Ron Rhine, not all homeowners might understand the usefulness of hiring a home inspector, particularly folks who might have purchased a home before inspection was a common practice. "Homeowners don't always know what to look for, or don't look hard enough for it," explained Rhine. "An inspection tells you what your repairs might be, which helps you during negotiation and can save you money out of pocket. 

For the seasoned homeowner, it is important to remember that each and every home is different. When stepping into a potential purchase, you are entering a house you know little or nothing about. A new home can also mean new problems that even an experienced homeowner might not have experienced before. Even in newly contracted homes, modern construction can be flawed – too many people assume that newly constructed homes are perfect. This is an area where the insight of a home inspection can help you shine light into the dark corners. Your Inspections Unlimited professional also offers the opinion of an unbiased and unattached individual. Too often home buyers step into their potential future home wearing rose-colored glasses, envisioning decorating plans rather than the potential problems or damages which could be lurking. Your inspector can help you step back to take an open and honest look about the condition of the home you are considering for purchase. 

Homeowners who have owned the same home for multiple years become comfortable in the environment. But it can make moving into a newly constructed home a more difficult adjustment process. "In the last ten years, numerous new products for homes and construction have appeared," says Rhine. This means new systems, functions, and quality. A home inspection can introduce seasoned homeowners to these new products and how they work, serving as an important educational tool when learning about a new home.

Your Inspections Unlimited inspector is a trained professional with multiple years of experience. You can feel assured in your inspector’s wide knowledge of home and construction, along with the integrity and professionalism needed to offer clients a complete and unbiased report of any home. Any homeowner can use a second opinion and a second pair of eyes. An inspection can help you make an informed decision about one of the most important purchases you will make: your home. Inspections Unlimited has helped Oregon homeowners make informed decisions since 1989. An Inspections Unlimited inspection follows a systematic process and detailed checklist, developed and based on years of experience, to help assure that every major component of a home is evaluated.  

In addition to keeping you informed and educated about the condition of the property you are interested in, a certified home inspection can also save you money during and after the purchase. When you have a new home inspected, it can help identify problems early. Though an inspection does not estimate the value of your home, it can help you identify a good deal. Your Inspections Unlimited inspection report can help you plan for repairs or issues that will need to be addressed and fixed. This allows you to calculate repair costs, bargain for a more reasonable deal, and provides you with unbiased documentation on the condition of the home and property.

Also, remember your inspector can access areas you might not be able to – including the attic, roof, and the crawl space. Usually, touring a potential abode with a real estate agent doesn’t include stops at these hard-to-reach places. But they are common places for problems to lurk, completely unseen.

These days, many real estate agencies and lenders will encourage homeowners to have a home inspected before purchase. In fact, some home buyers might even find that an inspection clause has been included in their purchasing contract. Your Inspection Unlimited professional provides an expert opinion on the condition of a home, which helps to keep purchases open and honest, along with everyone involved fully informed.

So what’s the question that some experienced homeowners might have, “Why should I have my new home inspection when I have already owned my current home for years?” Because each house is different and there is no guarantee you can know what to expect, because an inspection before the purchase can save you time, money, and ensure a fair deal, and because a second opinion from a trained professional can help you identify problems early and helps you feel more secure in your purchasing decision.