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Just what is a heat pump? Well, to put it in simple terms, heat pumps work on the principal that heat exists in the air, soil, and water outside your home. The heat pump doesn't create heat like conventional heating systems. It moves heat into your home in the winter (heating cycle), and cool air into your home in the summer (cooling cycle). In the spring and fall months, with cool mornings and warm afternoons, the heat pump can automatically switch from heating to cooling.

There are three types of heat pumps: air source, ground source and water source. Air source are by far the most common heat pump installations in our area, due to their lower installation cost.

Heat pumps have several advantages:

  • Generally cost less to operate than all other conventional types of heating systems.

  • Operates at a high efficiency with no flames, fumes or chimneys.

  • Filters are available to remove mold and mildew, which is helpful for those with allergies.

  • Provides a more constant even temperature, without the temperature swings common to other heating systems.

  • Maintains comfortable temperatures year around.

  • Heats and cools the home.

  • Transfers heat already in the environment

  • Can provide supplemental water heating.

Whatever heating system you install, you should maintain it regularly. With a heat pump, air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly and debris should be cleared from around the outdoor unit to allow proper air flow.