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1. Bathrooms and Kitchens

The majority of home buyers prefer updated kitchens and bathrooms. You do not have to do a complete overhaul. Think simple like light fixtures to start.

2. Floors

Whether your home is carpeted, tiled or has hardwood floors make sure the workmanship is professional and that the colors are versatile. Keep the color and texture homogeneous throughout your home.

3. Painting

The walls should be freshly painted in a neutral color with the same theme consistent in every room. White is acceptable, but you may also want to consider tones of beige to warm the room(s) up.

4. Exterior Work

The first impression is a lasting one, so try to add some curb appeal and make your home stand out. Exterior work may need only a coat of paint or some simple gardening. Bring in some flowers to add a splash of color.

5. Driveways and Garages

Most older homes have the original concrete or asphalt driveway, which may be fully functional, but unsightly. Laying down a fresh new driveway adds a lot to the overall appeal of the home and makes a good first impression.