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Making Your Home Inspection Ready

1. Trim shrubs and trees away from the siding and roof. Try to maintain at least  6 inches to 12 of space from siding & 10 feet from the roof with any tree limbs.

2. Ensure all gutter downspouts discharge to a drain or onto a splash-block that is site-graded to drain water away from the building foundation.  Clean leaves and debris from gutters.

3. Fix areas of peeling or fading paint on exterior doors, windows, fascia boards and other wood trim. Repair any areas of wood rot. Paint or seal all areas of exposed wood.

4. Caulk exterior window, door frames, exterior wall penetrations and siding joints that were caulked originally.

5. Repair cracked or deteriorated cement chimney crowns & bricks. Install chimney cap if not used.

6. Clean the roof & treat for any moss that might be growing

7. Caulk and seal all areas of roof flashing.

9. Ensure the outside stairway drain is clear of debris and unclogged.

10. Repair the exterior grades at all sides of home as needed. There should be 6 inches of the concrete foundation showing around the house. The grade should slope away from the house approximately one inch per foot for the first six feet.

11. Repair cracked window glass. Make sure all your windows open, close, tilt, and lock properly. Ensure window screens are installed where needed.

12. Test all smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.

13. Check all sinks for leaks and other obvious plumbing problems.

14. Change the furnace filter. Have the furnace and air conditioning systems serviced and cleaned. Tape a copy of the work order or service ticket to the front of the furnace so the inspector can easily see the date the service was performed.

15. Caulk around the base of tubs and shower stalls.

16. Secure toilets to prevent movement. Caulk around the base of each toilet.

17. Operate or test the sump pump.

18. Make sure all light fixtures are working. Install new light bulbs where needed.

19. Check and test all kitchen appliances. Review the owners manual for the oven and make any needed temperature adjustments.

20. Repair minor wall and ceiling holes and nail pops. Repaint areas where old water stains are present.

21. Make sure bath exhaust fan vents terminate at the exterior of the home. Each bathroom should have an exhaust fan or a window.

22. Clean carpets and remove any stains.

23. Remove stored items from areas that are to be inspected; Utility room, Attic, Heat System, Water Heater, Electrical Panel Box, Main Water Line, etc.

24. Ensure all utilities are turned on.

25. Light the pilot at each gas fireplace.