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Carbon Monoxide Detection Alarm Requirements

Oregon House Bill 3450

Effective June 25, 2009


Carbon Monoxide Detectors must be properly installed in residential dwellings that contain a carbon monoxide source. Any person transferring residential or multifamily property must assure that the dwelling contains a properly installed and working carbon monoxide alarm.

What is a Carbon Monoxide Source?

A heater, fireplace, appliance or cooking source that uses coal, kerosene, petroleum products, wood or other fuels that emit carbon monoxide as a by-product of combustion; or an attached garage with an opening that communicates directly with a living space.

Though a violation of this regulation will not invalidate a sale or transfer, a purchaser may bring action and recover actual damages or $250 per residential unit, whichever is greater. Judgements may also include attorney's fees and costs. The State Fire Marshals office will adopt rules to establish the minimum standards for carbon monoxide alarms, placement and location. Rental properties will be required to comply effective January 2010 and residential properties effective January 2011.

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