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Building your first nest...

Buying your first home is among one of the most important investments - financially and personally - you will ever make. It might be a comfortable one-bedroom town home or the hidden bungalow that you've always dreamed of. During the purchasing process, a complete Inspection Unlimited home inspection can offer the insight and professional experience first-time home buyers need to make an informed decision. A home inspection is an important part in ensuring that the home you are purchasing will be a stable, reliable place for you and your family to call home for the years to come. Buyers might be unsure of what to expect during the inspection process, but your local Inspections Unlimited professional comes prepared with a systematic inspection process that includes all the major factors of your home.

Inspections Unlimited is also there for your specialized inspection needs. Since routine home maintenance is such an important for the upkeep of your home, incorporating a home inspection can help to uncover major problems from the start. You might consider taking a closer look at their home's major systems, including heating and plumbing, or even the roof that is over your head for leaks and damage. 

The nest becomes a home...

For many families, starting a family can turn a house into a home. But your one-bedroom house in the city just doesn't hold a growing family. Moving into a larger home is not an uncommon step as families expand. Parents might seek out a friendly neighborhood in a secure part of town, comparing schools and teachers to find the best possible opportunities. But the home your decide to purchase is just as important as the location where you find it. 

Inspections Unlimited offers inspection services for homes of any age. An older home, in all of it's rustic appeal, might be a prime candidate for damages caused by wood-destroying insects, along with other common problems that could ail an older home. With a family's well-being to be concerned with, home buyers might also be concerned about the dangers of Radon and other environmental factors. Your local Inspections Unlimited inspector can help to identify problems in and around the home that might pose a threat to it's residence. A complete home inspection offers peace of mind and reassurance that your new home is safe and secure.

After they've learned to fly...

As the years pass, children grow up, move out, start college and begin lives of their own. Empty-nest syndrome can be a common feeling for parents, but so is the realization that their four-bedroom house is just too much now that the kids are gone. You might be ready to escape the hustle and bustle of that suburban neighborhood for something more simple. Or it might just be time to downsize.

Buyers might find their perfect home away from the city limits. Inspections Unlimited offers knowledgeable and complete inspections of homes in rural areas, helping you ensure the well being of country cottages to rustic farm homes. Owners of rural homes might consider other important factors, such as well flow and testing water. As homeowners move on into retirement, worrying about the condition of your home can become a burden. A home inspection can help ease the troubles of maintaining a home. Your local Inspections Unlimited professional takes away the tedious task of examining the roof, basement, attic and other hard-to-reach areas of your home. Each home inspection comes complete with a detailed home condition report to help you plan future repairs. 

Flying south for winter?

Retirement is the perfect opportunity for travel and vacation. For some, that might mean a dream vacation home to escape to during the year's off time. A quaint cabin in the woods or mountains for winter ski trips or the perfect beach home somewhere on the coast. But a second home comes twice the work and maintenance. This is especially true for a vacation home that might only be visited once or twice a year. Unoccupied homes are subject to damage and problems you might not be around to catch. A home condition inspection can offer that complete and detailed look that a home-away-from-home needs.  

The moral of the story

Whatever stage of life you or your home might be in, a home inspection remains a beneficial investment. Inspections Unlimited has served Oregon homeowners for over twenty years, helping to ensure the safety and condition of their home and property. The inspection process helps homeowners and buyers to better understand the house they are purchasing or already own, along with serving as an educational opportunity to learn about property and structure. While you and your family might out grow your home, your home will never outgrow need for inspection and maintenance.