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 Wood Destroying Organism or Pest & Wood Rot Inspections


  • WDO
  • PW
  • P&D
  • T&D
  • Pest & Wood Rot
  • Termite Report

Whatever you call the inspection, a Wood Destroying Organism inspection is a must in any real estate transaction.  The most commonly required inspection by lending institutions, Wood Destroying Organism inspections focus on where wood destroying insects and wood deterioration most likely occur.   They address termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and wood destroying organisms (rot).  They also address the conditions that cause infestation and deterioration.

Many structures fall prey to wood destroying insects and wood deterioration due to simple and avoidable conditions that go unchecked. The exterior structure and under structure areas are evaluated for inappropriate clearances, moisture and drainage problems and signs of deterioration.  The interior water exposed areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry are evaluated for water tight flooring, moisture damage and deterioration.

If you are preparing for the sale of your home, it is a advisable to have this inspection  complete at the time of listing to allow for repairs to be completed and to eliminate last minute concerns.  The Inspections Unlimited inspection reports meet lending standards, and will quickly help you on your way to meeting requirements for closing.

Special loans are no problem.  We will complete the NPMA-33 form for FHA/VA and other loan types.