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Work Verifications - FREE!!!!!


 It's FREE. Yes, that’s correct.

A one time return work verification from Inspections Unlimited is "free of charge".

We will return to homes we have inspected for the purpose of performing a lender required work verification.  No last minute hidden costs.

The work verification required by the lender is used to evaluate if repair work was performed and provide the lender with 3rd party verification.  We will return to the property for one visit at no additional charge.  Please confirm your required repair work is completed prior to ordering to avoid a return visit fee for the 3rd visit to the property.  The work verification is not a substitute for your own walk-through evaluation of the property. You are encouraged to perform a walk through to assure the repairs meet your standards and directions.


For the client who wants more than just a work verification we offer a re-inspection.  A re-inspection is completed to the same standard as the original inspection.  A client can ask for verification of repair contracts or any specific item to be evaluated.  There will be a revisit fee applied for re-inspections.  Contact your inspector to request re-inspection of any specific components identified in your original report.