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Serving Oregon Home Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents with Professional Certified Inspections Since 1989


Every home and every customer has a unique inspection need.  At Inspections Unlimited we strive to provide you the services you need in a timely and professional manner.  Our inspectors have 20 years of home inspection experience to draw from and receive numerous hours of continuing education annually.  They have a network of inspectors to turn to with questions and a knowledge base of construction research at their finger tips.  Each office is independently owned and operated, so you can be confident your inspector is concerned foremost with providing you accurate information on your home purchase.

Our professional Customer Contact Center staff will help you determine which inspection best suits your needs.  We provide scheduling and message service so you can be confident your inspection schedule is confirmed and your follow-up questions will be received by your inspector.

 You are welcome at the inspection appointment.  As our customer, and commonly the home buyer, the inspection is an opportunity to learn more about the structure and the neighborhood.  Come along, we want to meet you!

Inspections Unlimited reports are modified for your specific property and inspection.  A home is not one size fits all and our report isn't either.

  No matter which service suits your needs, Inspections Unlimited is here Helping You Make Informed Decisionstm