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Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) services are available to help you meet the requirements of your state housing agency, Rural D
evelopment or lender during a property transfer and rehabilitation.  The property will be thoroughly inspected, unit by unit and building by building.  All information gathered is transferred to a unit matrix which is then summarized for quick reference.  Of course, we can either provide 100% inspection or partial inspections (typically 20%) to meet the requirements and needs of your specific project.  We then consult with you and your rehabilitation team to discuss our findings and the best practical approach for the property.   The property rehabilitation plan and replacement schedule can then be designed to present the capital needs over the specified loan term. 

  • Rehabilitation Summary
  • Additional Optional Rehabilitation Summary
  • Maintenance Summary
  • Component Cost Data
  • 20 year Replacement Schedule
  • Unit Summary
  • Unit by Unit Inspection Information - individualized for your property
  • Digital Photos

All findings are compiled and are provided to you on a spreadsheet, for an easy to read scope of the property's rehabilitation and replacement needs, from the roof to the sidewalks and parking lot.  If you are working with the USDA-RD, we generate the specific report approved by Rural Development.  All reports and corresponding photo's are provided for you on digital media, so that you can see 'on screen' the report or photo you need.

  • USDA Format
  • Accessibility Evaluations 
  • Adherence to Consolidated Funding Cycle deadlines

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