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Clearance Testing - Post Mitigation or Construction

Why should we do clearance testing?

Clearance testing is an important step in the renovation or mitigation of lead based paint.  Clearance testing is required when working with lead based paint or with lead based paint removal.  This testing is a critical component in assuring your customer that you have maintained critical barriers for containment and have completed clean-up properly.  Clearance testing can save you valuable staff time and the customer funds if completed correctly.  More importantly, clearance testing following proper clean-up can assure that you are not responsible for a child becoming lead poisoned.

When should we clearance test?

If you are disturbing more than 2 square feet of paint on the interior or 10 square feet on the exterior of housing built before 1978, you must follow lead safe work practices.  Testing should be completed prior to starting a project to determine what the existing lead dust content is.  If your customer has not completed lead based paint inspection or screening, this should be completed prior to project start to identify what surfaces are lead containing. Following renovation work, using lead safe work practices, and clean-up, clearance testing should be completed.  This test will determine if the containment measures and clean-up efforts were effective and complete.  Once clearance testing is completed, you can return to normal work practices for the remaining project.  This will save staff time and customer funds.

How is testing performed?

Testing is performed by professionally trained and licensed Lead Paint Inspectors or Risk Assessors.  At Inspections Unlimited, we utilize standard EPA protocol for clearance testing using dust wipe samples.  There is one big difference.  We utilize an XRF testing device to get immediate preliminary test results.  An XRF uses x-ray technology to test for the presence of lead.  With a specialized testing chamber, the same XRF used to identify lead based paint can test the dust wipe samples on site.  The results are immediate and can help to save wasted days on the job site waiting for lab results to come back.  Lab testing of samples will be conducted for confirmation of field testing. 

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

At Inspections Unlimited, we understand that time is money and the more time you wait for testing the more money you are wasting.  We have two Certified Risk Assessors on staff to get to your project when you are ready.  Contact us with your project schedule and we will work with you to complete your testing timely and keep your project moving.

What am I waiting for?

Don't wait any longer.  Get an appointment before you start the next project.  Let Inspections Unlimited help you and your customers keep lead hazards in check.

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