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Lead-Based Paint Screening and Limited Testing

Screening for lead based paint is the smart thing to do.  You may want a lead based paint screen to be completed if you have a newer home or are planning a remodel of a small area of your home and want limited testing to be done.  Some homes that were built between 1961 and 1978 or after are candidates for Lead-Based Paint Screening. 

Why get a Lead Based Paint Screening?

If you are planning to do limited work on your home or remodel just a room and/or have limited funds for testing, a lead based paint screening may be appropriate.

What is a Lead Based Paint Screening?

Lead Based Paint Screening is testing of the paint surfaces in specified areas for lead content.  Unlike a Lead Based Paint Inspection, a lead screening includes only those areas that the inspector identifies for testing and/or you specify.  We recommend that you talk with your inspector about the testing you want completed before you make a final decision on areas that will be tested.

When is a Lead Based Paint Screening not appropriate?

You should not opt for a lead paint screening or limited testing if you have an elevated blood lead level or a child with an elevated blood lead level, if you are planning major remodeling or demolition, or you suspect you have lead hazards in your home.  In these cases, a Lead Risk Assessment may be more appropriate.

How is testing performed?

Testing is performed by professionally trained and licensed Lead Paint Inspectors or Risk Assessors.  At Inspections Unlimited, we utilize an XRF testing device.  An XRF uses x-ray technology to test painted surfaces for the presence of lead.  The results are immediate and non destructive to the finished surfaces. 

What does Lead Screening cost?

Lead Paint Screening costs will vary based on the number of tests needed.  Typically you can expect to spend between $150-300 for a lead paint screening.

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