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Lead Risk Assessment

Lead poisoning is a very serious health problem if left undiscovered and not addressed.  When identified and handled properly lead hazards can be eliminated or significantly reduced.  Lead Risk Assessment is the first step in locating the risks and developing a plan to control or eliminate the hazards lead poses to you and your family.

What is a Lead Risk Assessment?

Lead Risk Assessment is an evaluation of your home for lead hazards.  It is an on-site investigation to determine the presence, type, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards (including lead hazards in paint, dust, and soil) and provides suggested ways to control them. Lead Risk Assessment is different from a lead-based paint inspection which focuses only on painted surfaces.  During a Risk Assessment, the Certified Lead Risk Assessor will evaluate not only the painted surfaces, but the condition of the surfaces, and other potential hazard areas such as soils.  Your Risk Assessor will interview you to discover potential work or hobby exposures.  Soil samples will be taken to determine if activities have caused elevated lead levels in the soil.  Dust wipe samples will be taken to determine what the exposure potential is for elevated lead levels in settled dust.  Paint chip samples may be taken of areas not able to be tested by other methods.  

When should I have a Risk Assessment?

A Lead Risk Assessment should be completed if you have a child or individual in your home with an elevated blood lead level (EBLL).  As part of the plan to reduce the persons blood lead levels, the Risk Assessment will help to determine the sources of the current exposure and to design possible solutions.  You may want a risk assessment to be completed if are interested in determining what your current potential for exposure is.  A risk assessment can help you to prevent elevated blood lead levels if used to identify the potential areas of exposure and to understand the management of potential lead hazards in your home.

How long does the inspection take?

Typically you should plan 3-5 hours for a Lead Risk Assessment evaluation to be completed on your home.  The Risk Assessor will spend time interviewing you and other adults in the home, evaluating the surfaces and areas of potential exposure, taking dust wipe samples and paint testing.  Inspections Unlimited Risk Assessors will also complete surface by surface paint inspections in combination with the Lead Risk Assessment.

What does it cost?

A comprehensive Lead-Risk Assessment will be priced based on the size of your home and number of samples needed.  You should anticipate that cost to be in the $500-700 range.   Contact Inspections Unlimited for a personalized quote and scheduling today.  Knowledge about your risks may help prevent a family member from becoming lead poisoned.

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