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Lead in Dust - A Real Problem

Lead in household dust is the most common cause of childhood lead poisoning. 

Lead in household dust results from indoor sources such as old lead paint on surfaces that are frequently in motion or bump or rub together (such as window and door frames), deteriorating lead based paint on any surface, home repair activities, tracking lead contaminated soil from the outdoors into the indoor environment, or even from lead dust on clothing worn at a job site.

My house is clean and maintained, why worry?

Even in well-maintained homes, lead dust can form when lead-based paint is scraped, sanded or heated during home repair activities. Lead paint chips and dust can get on surfaces and objects that people touch. Settled lead dust can re-enter the air when the home is vacuumed or swept, or people from walk through it. To reduce exposure to lead dust, it is especially important to maintain all painted surfaces in good condition, and to clean frequently, to reduce the likelihood of chips and dust forming. Having a lead based paint inspection, risk assessment or screening will help you identify areas of concern.  Using a lead-safe certified renovator to perform renovation, repair and painting jobs and knowing where the lead sources are in your home are a good way to reduce the likelihood of contaminating your home with lead-based paint dust.

Dust Wipe Samples

Dust wipe samples for clearance testing after renovation are the homeowner and contractors way of verifying cleaning is complete.  Dust wipe samples are also used during Risk Assessment to determine lead risk.  A specific measured area is wiped and the content is analysed for lead content.  Our Risk Assessors and Inspectors can help you understand the test results.

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