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At Inspections Unlimited, we have the experience and knowledge to help you get started and keep you going strong. We have been in the real estate inspection business since 1989. We are in business to provide the highest quality service in the industry to our elite group of franchisees. You too can be a part of this group. Inspections Unlimited will not overwhelm you with misleading information and high pressure sales. We are here to provide a friend in the industry. Your success is our goal.


You will become a part of a network of inspectors sharing knowledge, ideas, and business practices without jeopardizing your competitive edge. You will network with franchisees in your Metropolitan area for group advertising and support. Through networking, we maintain personal service and a small town feeling while providing the franchisee with the knowledge and support of a group.

Our on-line scheduling system, forum and knowledge base, enables franchisees to correspond with each other via the internet with ease. Have a message to pass along? It can be shared with one or all of the franchises with a simple click of the mouse. Want to invite your associates to attend a meeting or class? An invitation can be sent that will alert them and reside on the correct date of their calendar to be accepted or rejected by them. New resource materials are added to this on-line system, nearly daily, as they become available. This system has created a network that until now has only been experienced by the largest of franchise companies.

Also, you will have a close knit group of inspector colleagues to receive inspection referrals from and fellow professionals to refer inspections to, if you are out of town for business or pleasure.  Colleagues you know you can trust with your preferred clients.

*Franchises are generally sold to individuals and intended to be maintained as owner/operator businesses. This better enables the franchisee to develop a strong business while maintaining the individualized service the industry has come to trust and expect from Inspections Unlimited inspectors.



Inspect Perfect™, a tested inspection reporting system has been used since 1990 and is easily managed and operated. The reports are completely adaptable for greater accuracy and consistency.  There are multiple inspection formats and thousands of adaptable comments currently available that provide you with fully flexible reporting to meet your clients’ needs.  With the assistance of a percentage** Product and Software Development fee, Inspect Perfect™ is constantly being updated and improved to make your operation more effective and efficient. You are also supplied with support to help analyze your business.



Through the franchise you will have access to an ever growing library system of inspection related materials, including CDs, videos, books, articles, pamphlets, lists, and more. This will help keep you up to date on the progress of the inspection industry and provide a reference for your questions. A percentage of the library and education fee is allocated toward the development of the library for further education of the network. Every franchisee adds to the library by monitoring a trade association and publication, keeping the network informed.



As a franchisee you will benefit from the advertising and recognition of a group. Through the percentage** branding fee, Inspections Unlimited will be able to provide wide-based advertising to give you recognition and a competitive edge.

Save time and money. We will provide advertising packets with company advertising campaigns including flyers, brochures, advertising copy, presentation outlines and much more. Many proven successful advertising has been done and is ready for your business to take advantage of. You do not have to search for ideas. Advertising packets give you the photo ready copy, to enable you to concentrate on performing inspections.


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This information is not an offering of a franchise. An offering can only be made with a disclosure document, which must be filed first in certain states. Filing does not constitute approval by any state. The name and address of the franchisor are: Inspections Unlimited Franchise Services, Inc., 715 Hope Avenue NW, Salem, Oregon 97304; and the primary trademark of the franchisor is “Inspections Unlimited.” Franchises are being awarded in all those U.S. jurisdictions that do not require presale registration of the offer and sale of franchises, in those in which we are registered, and in selected foreign markets. Check with us to see if offers are not currently being made in certain states.

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